The Irish Plant Contractors Association is the new Trade Association for the good of Irish plant owners, hirers and contractors.

Employing many thousands of skilled individuals, this contractor collective is widely recognised as being a significant entrepreneurial investor in plant and machinery. Plant contractors pull on the supply chain, that drives manufacturers output, distributor throughput, providing a platform for SME aftersales parts and service providers to ensure the industry can flourish.

Advancing the Prevention, Re-use & Recovery of Materials Generated by the Construction Industry in Ireland 
(Condensed Report) 

Proposals for Change to Advance the Re-use, Recycling and Recovery of Construction Materials 

Benefits of membership

Expert Advice

Access to Expert Advice, Services and Support. 

Legal Introduction

Provide Legal introduction and representation


Password protected access to IPCA website to for the very latest tender announcements.

Purchasing Deals

Plant and equipment purchasing deals with major dealerships

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