Who we are.


The Irish Plant Contractors Association is the new Trade Association for the good of Irish plant owners, hirers and contractors.

Employing many thousands of skilled individuals, this contractor collective is widely recognised as being a significant entrepreneurial investor in plant and machinery. Plant contractors pull on the supply chain, that drives manufacturers output, distributor throughput, providing a platform for SME aftersales parts and service providers to ensure the industry can flourish.

Plant machinery contractors in Ireland have long needed their own dedicated representative body. A body who will accurately represent and serve. A body of respected professionals, who will harness the cooperative to create a new association that will serve the vital needs of its members.

Demonstrated in the first instance by enabling and enhancing bargaining and negotiating to drive a better, fairer deal for the industry, and a better fairer deal, for the needs of plant machinery contractors across Ireland. Project Ireland 2040 sets out an ambitious growth plan for the construction industry. With the impact and legacy of COVID-19, a skills shortage and challenges around construction productivity, the time for change is here, the time for better representation is here.

Join the IPCA today for the good of Irish plant owners, hirers and contractors.

Better Informed

Becoming a member of Irish Plant Contractors Association will ensure that you and your business will be more aware and better informed about the issues that impact the everyday lives of members. 

Tackling Industry Issues

The management team of the IPCA is vastly experienced in lobbying and influencing government on issues that need addressing, amending or abolishing. 


Employment briefings from members solicitors Hughes & Associates keeping your business fully briefed with the latest legislation and position.

Information Tech Advice

Trusted Information Technology advice and updates introducing for example, software and systems to support your business’s efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. 

Become an IPCA Member today!

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