The IPCA is seeking urgent talks and consultation with the Irish Government about the implementation of a Super-Deduction stimulus scheme.

Change is needed quickly if we are to impact the behaviours of developers, clients and contractors. A concerted strategic plan is required to enable construction and its supply chain, to reduce the industries carbon footprint, becoming a more significant contributor to achieving the governmentscarbon neutrality goal by 2050.

The Irish Plant Construction Association (IPCA) is making formal representations to Government regarding where improvement should be made that will have a significant impact regarding the recycling and reuse of aggregates.

The IPCA believes from the studies it has seen, that the implementation and incentivisation of a an on-site recycle and reuse policy for aggregates will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 90%. Ireland like the rest of the EU has high levels of construction and demolition waste, estimated to be over 30% of the total waste generated, yet little research into the use of recycled aggregates has been undertaken. Recycled aggregates can potentially provide a cost effective and more sustainable alternative to natural aggregates and are well suited for use, for example, in pre-cast concrete products.

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