The growing need to reduce waste on construction sites by recycling and reuse is not a new topic. It is a topic however that the Irish government has been slow to react to and slow to introduce initiatives and legislation on.

The IPCA will therefore calls on the Irish Government to introduce new legislation that will empower contractors to optimise their professional expertise and raise standards even further, enabling; change, ensuring material to landfill is reduced, carbon emissions are reduced and virgin aggregates are used more sparingly.

All for the good of Irish Construction. Some initial aggregates have been given Environmental nProtection Agency (EPA) approval and are only now becoming available to the market. Progress is slow and protracted and with little incentive for the use of these new materials, significant meaningful impact still seems some way ahead. When compared with countries of a similar size to Ireland, such as the Netherlands and Denmark, the country lags well behind the volume of recycled and reused aggregates. In conclusion, the IPCA, recognises the successful recycling and reuse on site policy and practice widely used and benefited from around the EU, the position of the IPCA therefore is that Ireland should have a much more advanced position on this matter.

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